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Porcelain, also known in the West as Chinaware, is a great Chinese invention appreciated and enjoyed throughout the world. Throughout the centuries, Chinese porcelain makers have closely guarded their special manufacturing techniques, creating exquisite products that can't be duplicated. The founders of Tai Yick Trading Company were educators, originally sent to the USA prior to the World War II by the Chinese Government. They had been asked to help preserve Chinese customs and traditions by educating overseas Chinese and Americans in general about Chinese culture. After the commencement of the war, they were unable to return to China and eventually remained in the USA where they started the trading company to support themselves and continue their mission. For well over half a century, Tai Yick Trading Company has continued to introduce and familiarize Americans to the finest examples of tradition Chinese folk art and to offer art products. We have been purveyors of ceramic art figurines, vases, flowerpots, and other ceramic folk art to serve local and nation-wide collectors. We've paid special attention to particular interests of the Chinese and American communities. We thus have a full inventory of dishes, pottery, kitchenware, garden stools, planters, umbrella stand, and household ceramic accessories, including porcelain chopsticks! We also provide traditional Chinese gift wares for festivals, rites, and ceremonies, and also accessory item such as party favors, incense burners, etc. Besides serving the needs of collectors, we provide d├ęcor items desired by interior designers and special items used by practitioners of Feng-Shui. Serving the public for half a century, we are direct importers engaged in both the wholesale and retail trade. A unique aspect of this close family business is not only prompt courteous service to our clients, but close contact with our ceramic artists and potters. Thus our inventory includes not only the highest quality and most unique pieces, but many that are signed by their original creators. Because we import directly, our prices are always reasonable and our quality is unsurpassed. Since "a picture is worth a thousand words," we invite you to see for yourself by visiting our establishment while you are in San Francisco. We are located in Chinatown at the corner of Powell and Broadway, easily accessible and directly aside the cable car line that carries passengers from Fisherman's Warf to the downtown area. Our inventory is always changing and being resupplied. We welcome all questions and inquiries. We emphasize prompt service and reasonable prices. We happily help find special items and we ship daily by UPS.
Tel: (415) 986-0961
Cell: (415) 305-1619
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